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Our People

Our people are the most valuable element of our business. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace where our employees can be themselves and achieve their full potential.

Our greatest asset

At WRc, we strive to be established innovation leaders and every innovation is underpinned by technical expertise. Our people are our greatest resource and the most important building block for commercial success. Hence, everything we do is founded on attracting exceptional people and implementing a programme of continuous leadership, professional and commercial development.

Meet our Leadership team

Matt Hart

Operations Director

Matt is an established environmental professional with more than 16 years’ experience gained through a variety of operational and strategic roles in both the public and private sectors. Matt is an expert in business planning and operational management in the water industry and has a robust understanding of the development, implementation and practical application of legislation. 

He is accomplished in engagement and relationship management; operational and procedural enhancement; finance planning; and risk management. Additionally, Matt holds both IOSH and NEBOSH qualifications and has served on the Committee of the London and South East Branch of the Institute of Fisheries Management for over 10 years.

Liam Walsh

Director of Water & Environment

Liam ensures client satisfaction across water and environment service areas for a variety of water companies, regulatory bodies and industrial businesses. He has extensive cross-sector UK wide experience in strategic planning, change and culture management, project and programme management and customer development.

Ceris Van De Vyver

Director of Scientific Services

Ceris is a Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist with extensive experience leading diverse teams of professionals to deliver scientific services and improvements in quality, water and the environment, within complex utility service. As Director of Scientific Services, Ceris is responsible for the leadership and management of scientific services strategy in WRc with responsibility for the National Centre for Environmental Toxicology (NCET).

Aleks Badger

Director of Technical Services

Aleks is responsible for Technical Services which help our clients to understand, manage and improve the performance of their underground assets. With over 20 years’ experience in project management in utilities, transport and oil and gas, she has a diverse experience in working for both private and public sector organisations. She specialises in project planning & control; strategic planning; change management; and resource management. Customers are her priority, people are her passion and striving towards first class is her motivator.

Shaun Mason

Strategic Programme Director

Shaun has over 35 years' experience in the water and utility sector working for various global companies and consultants. He is highly experienced in programme and project management with expertise in all aspects of infrastructure investment, from strategy and regulation, to operations and delivery.

Simon Ayley

Director of Strategic Growth Partnerships

Simon engages WRc knowledge, experience and innovative ideas with stakeholders from multiple sectors, establishing trust based on technical competence, integrity and commercial awareness. He has 25 years experience delivering all aspects of engineering design and construction project lifecycles to the highest of safety standards, and is a past President of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers.

Richard Read

Director of Finance

Richard is a Chartered Accountant and specialist in financial management, planning and analysis. In over 20 years of financial management roles, Richard has specialised in financial modelling and forecasting, investment decision making, performance management and developing business strategies. He has worked across a wide range of organisations to add value to by analysing, understanding and delivering business solutions.

Meet some of our experts

Jane Turrell

Technical Director

Jane has extensive experience in waste characterisation, minimisation, recycling, risk, and resource efficiency studies. This informs policy and business decisions for environmental regulators, industrial waste producers, waste management companies and their trade bodies.

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Dr Nabil Hajji

Technical Director

Nabil leads the technical team and laboratory services at WRc's National Centre for Environmental Toxicology (NCET). He has extensive experience researching toxicants including persistent organic pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals and pharmaceutical chemicals.

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Kit Elmes

Director of ESG

Kit works to bring technical experts and strategic thinkers together to provide sustainability services. This includes quantifying business risks, bolstering innovation, and navigating new regulatory environments, as well as carbon accounting and supply chain auditing.

Andy Godley

Principal Consultant

Andy's expertise covers all technologies of flow measurement across clean and wastewater applications. He designs and performs test and evaluation exercises against requirements on meters, and has been closely involved with the EA's MCERTS scheme for water monitoring.

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Mark Kowalski

Principal Consultant

Mark specialises in the development and use of asset resilience techniques to understand operational and business risks in the water and gas sectors. He consults on projects spanning potable water storage optimisation and CFD modelling to cost and carbon modelling.

Leo Carswell

Principal Consultant

Leo's expertise lies in technology and innovation in the water sector, with projects including technology transfer between water and gas sectors. He also delivers guidance on applications and standards, and performs technology testing, approval and certification for our WRc Approved scheme.

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Dr Catherine Isherwood

Principal Hydrogeologist

Catherine's work is in environmental geoscience and hydrology, including impact and risk assessment, for a wide range of infrastructure and development projects in upland and remote areas within the UK and in Europe.

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Dr Karen Murrell

Principal Consultant

Karen's expertise lies in river impact assessment and integrated catchment management, including river water quality modelling using WRc's SIMPOL. Her work involves determining urban pollution impacts on receiving water quality, as well as water policy and application.

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Nick Orman

Principal Consultant

Nick is a C.WEM and C.Eng specialising in sewers: inspection technologies; deterioration mechanisms; collapse analysis; hydraulic modelling; and cost analysis of flooding schemes. He was a major contributor to the SRM Sewer Risk Management website Sewer Renovation Design Guide.

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Kevin Poole

Principal Consultant

Kevin's expertise lies in municipal and industrial water treatment processes, specialising in operational & strategic risk management and substantial multi-site operational management. His work also helps clients to mitigate odour, optimise micropollutant removal solutions and discover opportunities for water reuse and wastewater recycling.

Paul Grabham

Head of Wastewater Infrastructure

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the water industry, relating to technical delivery of sewerage studies, strategic planning, asset management and the regulatory process. He is also heavily involved in the WRcCSO project. 

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Dr Austen Buck

Principal Microbiologist

Austen leads our Microbiology services and is heavily involved in projects consulting on water quality and Water Safety Planning for various water sector assets, as well as advising on the environmental and health impacts of contaminants in drinking and groundwater with our toxicology team.

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James Tremlett

Principal Engineer

James has extensive experience working in the water industry, encompassing all aspects of water supply and distribution. He leads WRc's engineers in helping water utilities to analyse network-wide performance and optimise networks using modelling, contributing to leakage reduction.

Dr Dominic Cook

Head of Business Development

Dominic works within our Technical Services division. His main areas of expertise lie in distribution water quality, discolouration, asset management and pipe condition assessment (including SmartBall®, Sahara® and Pipe Crawler).

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Peter Henley

Principal Consultant

Wastewater flooding and wastewater pollution specialist Peter has an extensive background in sewer flow surveys, pipeline condition assessment and inspection, and rehabilitation using innovative techniques to determine remaining asset life. He is also heavily involved in WRcCSO design and WRc's Fine to Flush testing.

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Justine Leadbetter

Senior Consultant

Justine is heavily involved in projects helping various clients meet their leakage targets and better plan their water resources. She specialises in utilising a number of digitising and geoprocessing techniques (e.g. GIS) for leakage and other environmental projects.

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Dr Paul Eades

Senior Consultant

Paul has extensive experience in both industry and academia specialising in waste and resource management, energy and mass balance modelling, life cycle inventory analyses, environmental impact assessment, and more. He leads WRc's in-house waste laboratory services.

Pat Boyle

Business Development Lead

Pat leads our Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection services to examine characteristics such as condition, lifespan, corrosion, erosion, and wall thickness of infrastructure assets such as pipelines, tanks, and vessels of various materials and sizes. He also works closely with our team providing leak detection techniques.

Rob Camm

Project Manager
(Laboratory Testing)

Rob's expertise lies in analytical techniques and instrument evaluation relating to water treatment processes, including pesticide and micropollutant removal by activated carbon. He is heavily involved in laboratory and process investigation design and operation.

Gosia Druzkowska

Project Manager

Gosia is responsible for delivering projects to time, budget and to a high standard of quality. Recent projects she has managed relate to: invert corrosion, efficient pumping, CCTV and manhole rehabilitation, blockage formation and impact of rainfall. Gosia is also the main author of the Sewer Condition Inspection Specification and Guidance publication.

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Anthony Bond

Technical Manager

Anthony specialises in advising on, developing, and implementing innovative techniques and solutions for pipeline condition assessmentinspection and leak detection (including Sahara®, SmartBall®, and PipeDiver®), as part of WRc's wider goal to help reduce leakage.

Donna Murray

Consultant Scientist

Donna is a C.WEM and C.Sci with skills covering Urban Pollution Management, rainfall data modelling (STORMPAC), river and coastal water quality modelling (SIMPOL ICM, GIS SIMCAT-SAGIS) and model development and software testing. She was also involved in the development of WRc's online pesticides database.

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Jeremy Dudley

Consultant Engineer

Jeremy's expertise lies in the modelling of systems, processes and hydraulics at sewage and industrial effluent treatment works. He is the lead developer of WRc's software tools for dynamic wastewater plant modelling (STOAT) and design (Plan-It STOAT), and helped develop WRc's cost and carbon modelling software (TR61) and catchment-scale modelling software (SIMPOL ICM).

David Sivil

Consultant Engineer

David is a chartered chemical engineer with extensive experience consulting on projects covering water, wastewater and sludge treatment and recycle/ disposal, odour management (including leading our User Group), and developed our cost & carbon emissions model (TR61).

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Jo Hulance

Consultant Engineer

A civil engineer and experienced project manager, Jo specialises in asset resilience, pipeline engineering and leakage management. She provided technical input to the development of risk assessment methodologies for the SRM Procedure as well as approaches to assess the risk of service failure in water distribution.

Nicola Richter

Commercial Services Manager

Nicola is involved in a wide range of activities and tasks that range from internal help and support for colleagues through to large complex, long lasting and multi-stakeholder projects. She also oversees WRc’s ‘Academy’ programme for knowledge transfer and WRc Portfolio for collaborative research projects.

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Margarita Cabrera

Head of Client Insight

Margarita promotes effective sharing of business information about our clients and partners within different communities to support decision making. Up-to-date information is used to support business development and allows WRc to improve our productivity and sustainably grow our business.

Ciaran Whitall

Head of PMO

Ciaran leads WRc’s Project Management Office and is responsible for developing a community of skilled, professional PMs delivering high-quality work for our clients and partners. He has over 20 years' experience running projects for a wide range of regulated and non-regulated clients, developing pioneering solutions to a range of complex issues.

Join our team of experts

Whether you are starting a new career or looking for your next career move, we may have the opportunity for you. 

Understanding the importance of supporting our staff to grow in both their professional and personal lives, we work to provide a wealth of opportunities, with a network of people and processes to support you.