Infiltration resistance testing of CIPP liners

Denise Bennett is CIPP lining Project Manager

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Standardising a test for Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) liners to control infiltration – an important step in reducing discharges of sewage to the environment.

CIPP lining suppliers and manufacturers are joining water companies to contribute to the latest collaborative research on infiltration resistance testing of CIPP liners… as well as getting products tested in preparation for the upcoming new Water Industry Specification (WIS).

One of the major causes of discharge from sewer overflow is groundwater infiltration into the sewer systems. Water companies are, therefore, planning a major increase in renovation of sewers to reduce infiltration during AMP8.

However, previous experience of such renovation work found that some products did not provide adequate resistance to groundwater infiltration. Further work is required to develop the test methods used to the stage when they can be formalised into a Water Industry Specification.

The principal output from this collaborative Portfolio project, which is due to start mid/end of February 2024, will be an agreed Water Industry Specification for leak tightness testing of CIPP liners. This will become a complementary specification to BS EN ISO 11296-4 and will form the agreed leak tightness requirement in accordance with BS EN ISO 11296-1:2018, §8.2 for UK water company customers.

CIPP suppliers and manufacturers taking part in this exciting project will be able to engage with water companies via steering group meetings to understand their requirements more fully and to demonstrate the capability of their CIPP liner products to the water company participants - potentially giving them early access to this growing market. Manufacturers will also be able to have product(s) tested in accordance with the agreed test method as part of the project and, if successful, be issued with test certificate(s) by WRc Ltd.

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Denise Bennett

Project Manager

Denise has worked for WRc for over 24 years, and manages both the WRc Approved 'fit for purpose' scheme, and the Fine to Flush Certification Scheme in partnership with Water UK. Previously, Denise managed the WRc Bookshop (now Knowledge Store), Corporate websites, and the Sewerage Risk Management website.

2024-01-16 15:05:00