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More and more specifiers, designers, installers and regulators are looking for 3rd party verification to verify that a product complies with relevant standards. So how can WRc Approved help?

WRc Approved is an independent verification scheme that demonstrates a product’s fitness for purpose. The robust requirements look at product specification against any relevant standards, testing, manufacture and installation - it is an all-encompassing review of a product. Where a manufacturer has developed a new innovative product, our technical experts will scour standards to find any that may be relevant to the product. Alternatively, if the manufacturer knows the relevant standards, they will be independently verified.

The principles of WRc Approved can be applied to any product or service used in the water and wastewater industry, from pipe repair clamps to cured in place pipeline repairs (CIPP) and from installation services to industry training.

The review takes into consideration not only British Standards and European standards, but standards from around the world, such as ISO standards and ASTM’s. In addition, other relevant guidance will be considered such as Water Industry Standards (WIS).

To confirm conformity to the identified standards, our team will next look at testing undertaken on the product or service to demonstrate compliance with the identified standards. The testing may be completed at independent test laboratories, by WRc, or alternatively, we can independently witness the testing undertaken by the manufacturer. The final stages are quality control checks of the manufacturing process through independent auditing by WRc, and finally an audit of the product being installed.

For a manufacturer, this 3rd party verification allows them to sell and market their product with an approval from a company with almost 100 years’ experience in the water sector, having granted over 500 approvals over the past 3 decades since the scheme was launched.

For water companies who are responsible with ensuring that the installed products are fit for purpose and comply with relevant standards, the hard work has been done by WRc. The same goes for specifiers and installers – sit back and let our experts do the work in verifying the fitness for purpose of the product or service.

More information about WRc Approved can be found here.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the requirements of the scheme, or would be interested in obtaining a WRc Approval for a product or service.

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Gareth Harris

WRc Approved Manager

Gareth is responsible for the day to day management of the WRc Approved Scheme. Working with project managers and subject matter experts, Gareth will lead applicants through the Approval process. In addition, Gareth will work on promotion of the scheme to ensure that the WRc Approved name is the leading name for anyone looking for a product or service, or to get a product or service Approved for its fitness for purpose. In addition, Gareth will use his experience in Water Fittings Regulations to assist with other projects.

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