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How We Work

We help you, our clients, unlock solutions to the challenges you face. 

Whatever the scale, wherever the location, we will use our technical expertise, experience, know-how and resources to develop sustainable solutions and equip you to maximise value from these in the future.


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We'll collaborate with the right people and handle everything you need for success, overseen by our qualified project managers.


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We can offer flexible, supported resource on a full or part time basis and blend our expertise with yours when you need it the most.


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From regular service provision, through to a one-off equipment hire, test or inspection we can meet your needs efficiently.


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We can deliver a full alliance with your company and other partners to deliver on your targets and aspirations.

Our process is simple and just what you'd expect from a world-class organisation. We focus on you, the client, and overcoming the challenges you face.


We will question to understand the problem or challenge you are facing - however big or small - and whatever the underlying issue. We may request data, or insights from other areas of the business, to ensure we get a complete sense of the situation.

Solution architecture

We'll bring together the best minds with the right skill sets to devise a solution bespoke to you. We might draw into the process partners who complement the activities we can offer, and to ensure you get a complete, sustainable solution. Sometimes we will undertake research, data analytics or build models to help us work out the right way forward.


Once we have developed a solution, we will ensure that all of our work is documented and explained fully to everybody who needs to be brought into the solution we present. We want you to be capable of implementing our recommendations, whether that is with us by your side or internally. Knowledge transfer is central to our approach.


We can hold your hand, act as a critical friend, or be right there in the midst organising the implementation of the solutions proposed. Whatever your preferred route, you can be assured of excellent communication and support from our team.


We like to seek continual improvement and monitoring to ensure effectiveness. Our teams can implement, monitor, tweak and improve your solution to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

Who we work with

Our clients range from sole traders through to multi-national corporations. Whilst we take the same approach, we understand that different stakeholders have different priorities.

  • Regulators
  • Utilities and waste management
  • Government organisations
  • Private companies
  • Start ups and innovators


We provide independent technical expertise to help you discharge your duties and develop regulations, price control processes, environmental compliance reporting and others to keep pace with the evolving industries we support. We are transparent in our approaches and will always disclose any conflicts of interest which may arise, seeking ways around these ensuring we maintain our independence in all the advice we provide. 

Utilities and waste management

Utilities in all sectors face enormous challenges from both natural and human influences. We bring together technical expertise from across different disciplines to develop sustainable solutions for your needs. We can collaborate with your preferred partners or seek out new partners to help solve problems. We pride ourselves on encouraging collaborative research-led projects, when appropriate, which allow all parties to share the cost and risks associated with innovation.

Government organisations

From collecting and collating evidence to managing consultations and developing policy recommendations, WRc's independent technical specialists support you in making the changes that will safeguard the environment and society for the future. Whether you're looking for a peer review of technical information, a critical friend to act as a sounding board for ideas, a facilitator to bring together many stakeholders and seek ideas or build concensus, or a team to deliver evidence-based research that will underpin future policy, our team will flex to meet your needs.

Private companies

Whether you are in mining, construction, manufacturing, food and beverages, agriculture, health or any other sector, it is likely we have services you might need. From optimising treatment processes to advising on carbon reduction strategies, we know that water, waste and the environment is important to all of us. We will understand what makes you tick and apply our knowledge and expertise to move your business forward.

Start ups and innovators

We can act as your sounding board, provide test facilities or independent test house, matching your needs as you develop solutions for the industries we work with day to day. Our friendly and flexible team are happy to work with you under non-disclosure agreements to help accelerate innovation and make maximum impact for a sustainable future.

WRc was the lead consultancy on a first-of-its-kind UK collaboration project between gas, water and electricity utilities in the north of England to develop a common social impacts framework, to ensure they are assessed consistently between networks. They handled the challenge of coordinating and incorporating feedback from the various partners well and ensured that the project delivered on its objectives and in the agreed timescales. The WRc team was very professional in its approach, whilst also being flexible and approachable, meaning they were a pleasure to work with on this project.

Dean Pearson
Northern Gas Networks

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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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