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Cost & Carbon software hands-on training delivered for NI Water

WRc introduced Northern Ireland Water’s (NI Water) staff to all the features of the TR61 software and provided hands-on training to teams that will use the models to make cost and carbon estimates.


a one-day training course at the client's facility, with experienced trainers enabling fast and effective learning through in-person and on-screen worked examples.


new users understand and can use the software to its full potential, advancing cost modelling and carbon accounting of the client's water and wastewater assets.


the client on the latest TR61 development project, enabling collaboration other water company members, and updating their software alongside further training.

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water)

NIW is a government-owned business providing water and sewerage to roughly 1.8 million people.

Course Background

WRc's TR61 is a powerful, integrated cost and carbon estimation tool developed using cost estimate data from across the UK water industry over the last 45 years, and updated every two to three years. It is widely used for benchmarking, optioneering and / or business planning of water and wastewater assets by water companies across the UK and Ireland, and is certified for use in Periodic Review activities.

TR61, or 'Cost Information for Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Technical Report 61’, allows up-to-date estimates of capital (CAPEX), operating (OPEX) and whole life costs, as well as estimates of embodied (building) and operational carbon emissions, with their monetary equivalents, in a manner consistent with Ofwat’s requirements. TR61 follows the water industry's guidance to carbon accounting developed by UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR). Carbon emissions are expressed to account for Global Warming Potentials (GWP), or climate impacts, of different gaseous compounds. This user-friendly software has a detailed user guide, with in-person training available if required. TR61 group membership supports interaction with other water utilities, creating a collaborative experience.

As new companies join the project and new members of staff join those companies that have already signed-up, there is a need for training to ensure every new user understands the principles behind the software and knows how to use it to its full potential.

The Challenge

Northern Ireland Water had been successfully using the TR61 software for a number of years However, they had reached a point where current and new staff needed training around the software’s capability and its new features.

The Solution 

WRc ran a one-day, in-person training course at Northern Ireland Water’s facility, providing hands-on experience of the software. Our highly experienced trainers instructed delegates in-person and on-screen, working through worked examples, enabling a fast and effective learning outcome.

The Outcome

Having effectively used the software over the previous few years, NI Water’s team decided to join Version 13 of the project and successfully completed the one-day familiarisation training. Through the hands-on, experiential learning WRc gave the delegates a robust understanding of what the software models do and why they are used. Their team are now able to operate and use the software to its full potential. Over the past few years NI Water have confidently used the software without the need of further assistance, but have now decided to join the latest TR61 development project (Version 15) to bring their modelling software up to date. This project will provide further hands-on training.

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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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