Enterprise Workflow Mapping

WRc developed the Target Operating Model for a water company in the Middle East before beginning a continuation project to map and standardise the client's 'As Is' processes, with the initial goal of achieving ISO 9001 certification, and thereafter, of helping the client achieve their desired 'To Be' state (the Target Operating Model).


a comprehensive Target Operating Model for the client, covering processes ranging from designing and building assets to defining strategy and engaging customers, ensuring a solid blueprint for their business.


the client's current ways of working by mapping, documenting, and standardising their current processes and procedures, laying the groundwork for ongoing efficiency.


the client on their journey through the start-up phase and along the path to achieving their vision of the future.

Client: A Water Company in the Middle

The client is company located in the Middle East, and is a part of a government plan to diversify the country economically, socially, and culturally.

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The Challenge

The Middle East based client embarked on the ambitious journey of creating a water company from scratch, demanding the rapid establishment of a complex organisation. The challenge extended beyond just the construction of infrastructure, since first the construction of an enterprise was required to control the chaos with defined processes and workflows.

Once these processes and workflows had been developed, however, a further challenge was taking the client on the journey to implement them and reach the desired ‘To Be’ state of their business. They lacked documented and standardised processes for the way they were currently working, with no roadmap of how to achieve their desired future state.

Furthermore, the client had limited visibility on the control information of projects with limited governance, performance tracking, and integration between systems and process. This impeded their ability to effectively manage internal projects to develop and advance the maturity of their business.

The Solution

  • WRc drew on its water sector experience and connections to run workshops to define and map the operating processes required for a functional water company. This model would provide a blueprint for the client, defining the desired future state of their company and structuring their business development activities and internal projects in line with in-country legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The focus then shifted to documenting and standardising the client's existing processes and establishing a process repository. WRc ran workshops with various departments in the water company to meticulously map and document current processes, producing required documentation alongside such as Standard Operating Procedures, Audit Checklists, and Competency Matrices. This provided a foundational step for the client’s ongoing transformation and alignment with the Target Operating Model. WRc also added value and expertise in assisting the client’s acquisition of system solutions such as an Agile project management tool and a business process repository.
  • To help the client achieve visibility over its projects, WRc also provided a PIM (Project Information Management) service solution to the business with a standard set of processes, people, and tools that provided consistent asset information throughout the design, build, and handover of projects. This included creating a Project Control Information Tool integrated with a Common Data Environment.

The Outcome

  • By September 2021, WRc had developed the Target Operating Model, which consisted of c. 250 process maps and accompanying SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for each map, which detailed in full the risks, technologies, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), equipment, and required qualifications associated with each process. This operating model covered all processes relating to Planning and Strategy, Designing and Building Assets, Buying Assets, Operating and Maintaining Assets, Continuous Improvement, and Engaging Customers. The client now had the vision of the company they wanted to build.
  • Due to WRc’s efforts in helping the client map and standardise their processes, in 2023 the client achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for their Water Quality Management System. WRc has also brought governance, visibility, and increased efficiency to the operations of many departments within the company. The client since 2022 has also adopted and begun using an Agile project management software, and WRc is currently assisting in the creation of their business process repository. These foundations have given the client much needed consistency in their processes, paving the way for further business transformation.
  • The information generated from the PIM (Project Information Management) Service Solution allowed the business to gain visibility of its projects, enabling them to govern projects effectively, forecast demand, manage issues, manage performance, and develop supplier capabilities.

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