Industrial Water Treatment Processes

Tailored solutions for industrial clients looking to optimise their water treatment processes.

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Kevin Poole is our expert in Water Treatment Processes

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Comprehensive process solutions

WRc provides cutting edge, tailored solutions to a range of industrial clients in the Food & Beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas sectors. We work closely with our clients in assisting them to:

  • attain regulatory compliance;
  • meet corporate sustainability goals;
  • increase production reliability; and
  • decrease capital and operating costs (CAPEX and OPEX) through process selection, process optimisation and operations management.

These outcomes are achieved by a multitude of tailored solutions for water safety, water quality, water footprint reduction, integrated water management, and sludge and odour management. Read on to discover how our services can help you.

    Optimised design

    Our team can help you to:

    • Maximise value from current design and operations while lowering carbon footprint.
    • Optimise process technology via our independent evaluation services.
    • Implement best practices to maximise water quality and quantity output.
    • Lower O&M costs while improving production capacity.
    • Lower production risks associated with process integrity breaches.
    • Implement water management and operations protocols.

    Regulatory compliance

    Our team can help you implement solutions for compliance surrounding produced water, trade effluent discharge, and more:

    • Address challenges from new legislation and maintain compliant operations.
    • Use of authoritative information to inform strategic environmental decisions and deliver compliance assessment.
    • Statistical modelling and interpretation of environmental data.
    • Ecosystem services assessment to quantify, monetise and map natural capital.

    Integrated approach

    • Optimise the overall water cycle, covering all steps in water management, treatment, production and discharge for water quantity and quality.
    • Integration of water supply risks with environmental constraints in seasonal and future demand.
    • Modelling tools for optimising site discharge permits at a river catchment scale.
    • Partnership working with catchment stakeholders.
    Industrial site audit and investigation capabilities
    Dedicated software development and operator training schemes

    Site troubleshooting and development of response strategies
    Credible and trusted by industry and regulator bodies

    Extensive treatment process guidance

    • Water footprint
    • Water quality
    • Water safety
    • Sludge management
    • Odour management

    Our support can guide you to attain the best water footprint from the treatment process, including:

    • Process optimisation and improved water efficiency.
    • Implementation of validated advanced and cost-effective approaches and technologies.
    • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) strategies and effective effluent treatment.
    • Clean in Place (CIP) strategies and minimised discharge capacity and costs.

    WRc provide tailored activated carbon services for cost-effective removal of microcontaminants from water.

    Our in-house rapid prediction software and laboratory testing accurately simulates full scale plant performance, enabling cost-effective optimisation of plant design and operation.

    We can help you to:

    • Maximise reliability and maintainability of water quality by assessing “soft spots” and sources of contamination (chemical and microbial) and developing tailored solutions for water risk management.
    • Design a comprehensive solution strategy involving process design, protocols for maintenance and CIP, as well as training and observation.

    We advise on treatment and disposal strategies to:

    • Produce an effluent within discharge quality standards, and a sludge suitable for recycling, re-use or recovery of its energy value.
    • Ensure efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally and socially acceptable treatment and disposal.

    Our experts can assist with:

    • Emission quantification
    • Dispersion modelling
    • Odour control optimisation and testing
    • OMP reviews and promoting good practice

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    Kevin Poole

    Principal Consultant (Treatment Processes)

    Kevin's expertise lies in operational & strategic risk management and substantial multi-site operational management, including management of key wastewater treatment plants and sludge treatment centres incorporating anaerobic digestion and CHP processes. He also has wide experience of water and wastewater plant audits and risk assessment.