Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Inspection

We provide a range of NDT inspections and non-intrusive leakage detection services for various high risk sectors. 

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Pat Boyle is our expert in NDT and Inspections

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NDT specialists

WRc, alongside our exclusive NDT partners, have a longstanding demonstrable track record of providing the full range of non-destructive testing services, both on site and at our fully-equipped bases.

WRc can inspect a varied amount of infrastructure, sizes and materials in a diverse range of markets that rely on water for process, fire mains, production or other key requirements. Our NDT inspection reports provide clients with guidance on asset condition, life expectancy and wall thickness loss, leading to condition and consequent management decisions and recommendations.

Our NDT team can locate and identify asset corrosion, erosion, wall thickness and specify asset life expectancy. Our leakage detection team can locate water leaks on potable, fire or process pipelines.


The RMS2 is a high speed, high accuracy remote access ultrasonic corrosion mapping system designed to evaluate the condition of ferrous structures such as storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels and other critical equipment, supporting effective and safe operation.

Pipe Crawler

Pipe Crawler (Versatrax™ 320) is a low maintenance tethered crawler that is simple to deploy for both underwater and dry applications. Its deployment covers 1000m range and 60m depth, with capability for both CCTV (tailored inspection) and NDT (remote sensing and tooling).


SmartFoam® is long-range and free-swimming, with sensors capable of full internal inspection for pipelines of any fluid. It detects pipe walls for metal loss including internal corrosion and deposits, and can be adapted for multi-diameter lines.

Touch Pro

Touch Pro is an advanced leak noise correlator designed especially for the more difficult leak detection situations, including plastic or large diameter pipes. Incorporating a variety of simple to use functions and being intuitive to control, Touch Pro is an effective tool for quick, accurate leak detection.

Your sector, covered.

  • Utilities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy from Waste
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear

Most of us never think about it, but almost every modern city, town and workplace has a network of sewer, storm drain and water pipe running right under our feet. Infiltration of tree roots, seismic activity, heavy road traffic and regular usage all cause damage that these waterline pipe systems must endure; regular inspection and maintenance programs are critical to ensure ongoing effectiveness. WRc NDT with our robotic crawlers and acoustic resonance leakage detection services can be part of the solution.

With governments putting increasing emphasis on the crucial role that renewable energy sources must have in our society; the Renewable Energy Sector is only going to grow and develop. Ensuring that your equipment is complying with international safety standards is our goal. We want to deliver you the assurance that your site is operating efficiently.

We understand that you need assurance that your site and equipment are safe, meeting every regulatory standard required. We deliver that assurance, starting with our first conversation, to when we deliver your report documentation promptly. Help prolong the lifespan of your assets with a routine schedule of inspection with our team.

The construction industry works at an incredible pace. We understand the pressure you are under to stay on schedule, whilst maintaining a safe site for your team. Our range of NDT services enables you to accurately determine the integrity of your site and company’s equipment. Non-destructive testing can increase the longevity of these assets.

We want to deliver the assurance you need that your site and assets are complying with all the regulations that the oil and gas industry requires. Our team understands the importance of ensuring extraction and refining operations are maintained safely, on-shore and off-shore. We can provide non-destructive testing services that are suitable for all stages

Our NDT team here at WRc understand that your refinery has to maintain the highest safety and compliance standards. We deliver assurance that your equipment is structurally sound and can help you determine the schedule of maintenance required to ensure the longevity of your assets.

We understand that one of the highest concerns within your industry is that no materials hazardous to a person’s health are found within any of your products. You have a range of health and safety regulations to meet, and you need assurance that every component within your company is up to standard. WRc are here to help.

We understand that safety is the number one concern for your site. Large-scale incidents in your sector can cause severe consequences for your team and the general public. So, we deliver assurance that your equipment is safe and meets all of your industry’s regulatory body’s requirements.

Water leak detection and conservation

Water leakage costs money and, with fewer than a third of leaks breaking the surface, can be an invisible drain on a business over many years.

WRc NDT follows a clear and simple step-by-step process to identify leaks, calculate water lost and deliver cost savings for clients. 

Read our flyer to discover how our process can help you.

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Full suite of NDT inspection techniques

Alongside our partner NDT Group, WRc can offer a wide range of the methods for the inspection of your assets:

  • Visual Inspection: Carried out using our fleet of adaptable drones and cameras, Visual Inspections are a good starting point for a series of inspections on a whole site or individual asset, to determine areas of particular interest.
  • Tank Inspection: We use a variety of methods such as Eddy Current Inspection and Phased Array to check the shell, roof, floor, welds, and past repairs to assess the integrity of your asset.
  • Eddy Current Inspection (EC): Using electromagnetism to detect defects on a surface, EC is particularly useful for testing for cracking, defects and many other anomalies within a broad range of industries.
  • Phased Array: This method allows for permanent records of a component’s internal structure to be stored.
  • Corrosion Mapping: We use our Corrosion Mapper robotic crawler to take an overview of your asset.

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We welcome a challenge

Our culture is one of problem-solving. We have access to a very wide network of specialist technical expertise both within WRc, the wider RSK Group and across a range of technology partners.

We strive to identify and safely deliver surveys using best-in-class technology. Examples of recent specialist service solutions include: helicopter, fixed wing and drone surveys; absbestos cement condition assessment and testing; pressure transience investigation; floating laser and sonar profiling; root cause analysis for pipeline failures; and upstream loss analysis.

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Pat Boyle

Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection Business Lead

Pat is an experienced Business Development Manager/Director working in highly regulated sectors including utilities, oil, gas & energy markets. He is proficient in the control, inspection and management of high risk asset networks, critical systems and key production, process and potable or waste water infrastructure. Pat leads our NDT and Inspection services division and continues to build a large portfolio of respected contacts, his multifaceted approach proving extremely beneficial for clients' objectives, budget and performance targets.