RAPID: Pesticides Risk Assessment Online Database

An online database tool that provides routinely updated information for understanding pesticide risks to drinking water quality.

Donna Murray is our expert in RAPID

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The need for confident pesticide risk management

Pesticides pose a widespread risk to water quality in Drinking Water Protected Areas. Water companies have been (1) challenged to take a more proactive approach to managing pesticide problems at source, and (2) given greater flexibility and responsibility for monitoring and risk assessment.

Until recently, approaches to pesticide risk screening were often informal and sometimes yielded contradictory results, undermining regulatory confidence. In response, a WRc Portfolio collaborative research project co-funded by UK water companies led to the creation of RAPID: a database tool that provides a comprehensive and accessible resource for evaluating pesticide risks to drinking water.

    Our one-stop online solution

    RAPID scores and ranks the relative exposure risk to surface water and groundwater quality for 276 active substances, identifying and prioritising risks by crop, chemical type and season. The tool also provides detailed information on: usage patterns; sources and pathways; analytical methods for detection in water; and treatability.

    The database consolidates EU and UK data on pesticide properties, approvals and usage. RAPID users can access detailed data at a UK-wide, national, and regional level.

      Make decisions based on the latest data

      The constantly updated database keeps you informed and creates an automatic audit trail for justifying your chosen decisions

      Keep track of emerging risks and future trends

      RAPID informs risk-based decisions; monitoring changing threats associated with pesticides using regional and seasonal data

      Prevent unnecessary harm at its source

      The database supports the proactive protection of raw water sources through the management of emerging risks

      Why RAPID?

      • Unified solution
      • User-friendly package
      • Developed by experts

      A unified solution is time- and cost-effective; all relevant information is gathered in one place, removing the need for access to several costly databases.

      RAPID also facilitates the consistent management of shared water sources across teams within and between water companies. 

      RAPID is optimised for PCs, tablets and mobile devices. The easy-to-use platform allows users to sort and filter data based on their needs, identifying and prioritising risks by crop, chemical type and season. 

      Pesticides are ranked by relative risk to surface water and groundwater by combining data on usage, mobility, persistence and treatability. This makes it easy for users to understand the risks of each pesticide.

      WRc's team of water quality scientists, ecotoxicologists and water treatment engineers combine their expertise on the fate and beahviour of pesticides and risk modelling work to ensure the robustness of our tool.

      RAPID includes a curated archive of articles describing recent developments in science, technology, agriculture, policy and regulation that could affect future risks.

      Download the flyer and demo

      If you'd like to talk to our team about using RAPID for your business, we'd be delighted to start a conversation. Please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

      For more information on RAPID, download our flyer and a short walk-through tour of the online tool.

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      In Dwr Cymru Welsh Water RAPID supports catchment-specific seasonal assessment of risk and Drinking Water Safety Planning. RAPID also provides physio-chemical property information that is an essential knowledge hub.

      Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

      Scope of RAPID 

      • 276 actives linked to authorised plant protection products 
      • 26 crop categories (cereals, grassland, vegetables, fruit) 
      • 32 geographies (UK, national and 26 Scottish, Welsh and English regions)

      Information Sources

      • EU Pesticides Database
      • HSE/CRD Pesticides Register
      • Chemical databases (HSDB, Agrochemicals Handbook, ChemID, …)
      • Government agricultural statistics (cropping)
      • Pesticide Usage Surveys
      • Expert review (timing of application, treatability)

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        Donna Murray

        Consultant Scientist (Water Quality Modelling)

        Donna is a Water Quality Modeller and Trainer with skills covering rainfall data (STORMPAC), river and coastal water quality modelling, estuary modelling, and model development and software testing. Donna has experience with water quality assessment procedures and has carried out catchment wide studies using SIMCAT, SIMPOL and QUESTS models. She is highly skilled in all aspects of the GIS SIMCAT SAGIS river model software - building, calibrating and running scenarios. This includes carrying out compliance assessments for permitting discharges to watercourses. Donna has also provided training courses on Water Quality and SIMCAT, QUESTS and the Urban Pollution Management (UPM) procedure.