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WRc Approved

Independent, internationally recognised certification scheme providing manufacturers and end-users with confidence that their products are fit for purpose.

Fitness for purpose

WRc Approved is an international certification scheme to help suppliers across a range of industries demonstrate the performance of their products and services.

Quality, performance and installation are all covered in our assessment.

Everyone benefits

  • Buyers and Users
  • Suppliers

Increased confidence

  • Demonstrates compliance against existing standards (with reduced time and effort to verify).
  • Reduced risk in selection and procurement, especially for new and unknown products/services.
  • Information on Approved products and services is at no cost to buyers and users.
  • Certified by a trusted, established international brand, the Approval is informed by expert knowledge, robust, and appropriate for the industry.

Increased credibility

  • Recognition from an established international brand that products do what they claim.
  • Confidence and reduced risk to clients.
  • Use of the WRc Approved logo on products and advertising.
  • An Approval process which is both robust and delivered quickly.
  • Delivers great value compared to other certification schemes.
  • Confidentiality until successful completion of the assessment and certification granted.

How to become approved

The Approval process is straightforward yet robust, based on scientific evidence. The process is based on a number of stages with a dedicated WRc project manager assigned to take the product or service through the process and keep the client informed at all stages.

The process will take between 3 and 8 months as quality, performance and installation are all covered in the assessment of the product or service.

Draft of Assessment Schedule

Audit of Data, Installations or Service


WRc Approval granted

The major benefit to our existing and potential clients is the independent third party certification that the WRc Approval provides which is recognised in numerous countries around the world.

Richard Swan - Head of Technical Client Services
Picote Solutions Ltd

Gaining certification from a respected, independent party has been well received by our customers, and our distributors across the USA have reported a positive response.

Graeme Davies - Marketing Manager
Clearwater Controls Ltd

Having WRc Approved enables us to continue to supply our product into the drainage industry with the added trust and confidence that a WRc approval brings to our clients.

Richard Ditte – Director
Steve Vick International

Re-approval Requirements

Every 5 years for products

WRc Approved products are valid for 5 years, when a re-approval is required to ensure that the product is still ‘fit for purpose’. Further testing may be required in order to comply with any changes to the appropriate standards.

Every 2 years for services

WRc Approved services require re-approval every 2 years to ensure compliance and quality.

Any product or service

An assessment schedule is produced for each product, detailing which elements of the product are going to be approved and whether there is an appropriate Standard to address during the WRc Approved™ process. For a ‘novel’ product where no standards exist, we utilise our knowledge and expertise to ensure the Approval is robust and appropriate for the industry.

Upon successful completion of testing, clients will receive a full certificate recognising their product or service as 'WRc Approved'.

Recognised approval

The WRc Approved™ logo can be used as a marketing tool to publicise that the product has achieved WRc approved certification. Certain conditions apply to the manufacturer or supplier; the mark shall: 

  • always be displayed with the certificate number;
  • only be used in relation to the specific product or service for which the certificate has been awarded;
  • only be used during the period of validity (as shown on the certificate) of the approval;
  • not be used as a product marking (i.e. incorporated in the product by permanent means); and
  • not be altered in any way for use on a product or service without WRc's prior written permission.
The thorough process ensures that the WRc approval has meaning - contractors can be sure that the course provides real benefit to them, and their customers, the Water Companies, can be confident that they understand best practice. Some forward-thinking Water Companies undoubtedly value this assurance.

Glenn Cartledge - Managing Director
Source 1 Environmental (S1E)

The certification sets the standard for contractors to adhere to, ensuring that all products are stored and installed correctly for every scheme. The service Onsite Rail has received from WRc for all of our product approvals has been nothing short of exceptional. It has been a pleasure to work with such dedicated and professional people through the whole process.

Paul Tomlin - Project Manager
Onsite Rail

To be accredited by WRc gives us a great standing in the market and our customers another important proof of our ongoing quality control in place. We are more than happy with the professional and timely service extended to us by WRc during our approval and renewal process.

Katrin Letzgus-Danhach - Head of Sales

WRc Testing & Certification Schemes

We are uniquely placed to provide a range of testing and certification schemes for the industries we work with. These include:

  • WRc Approved Scheme
  • MCERTS testing
  • Certified In Situ Resin Lining of Water Mains
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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