Certified In Situ Resin Lining of Water Mains

Accredited by UKAS, WRc is Water UK’s Nominated Certifying Body for the certification of contractors who wish to become / maintain approval as an Approved Contractor; as defined in the Water Industry Specification (WIS) 4-02-01 Operational Requirements: In situ resin lining of water mains.

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Independent, trusted Certifying Body

We use our extensive knowledge of the water industry and clean water systems to conduct WIS 4-02-01 assessments, audits and certification for contractors looking to undertake the in situ resin lining of water mains.

WRc has a long history of and experience with lining certification, having partnered with American National Standards Institute NSF International in the early 2000s.

View our UKAS Certificate and Schedule of Accreditation below.

How to become an Approved Contractor

Certification to WIS 4-02-01 is a legal requirement for contractors looking to undertake the in situ resin lining of water mains and is gained for a specified lining rig / resin combination.

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Certification Application Process

1. On receipt of enquiry we send the application form and guidance notes 

2. Your returned form is reviewed by WRc and any queries are addressed

3. A costed proposal for the requested activities is sent to you within 10 working days of receiving your completed form

4. You review the proposal and, if acceptable, sign and return it along with the related documents:

  • Signed work authorisation
  • Signed Certification Agreement
  • Purchase order

Audit, Assessment & Certification

For a specified lining rig / resin combination:

1. Quality Management System (QMS) audit (ISO9001 and WIS 4-02-01)

2. Rig assessment and lining trial witnessed by our technical experts

3. Audit and assessment results reviewed by an impartial 'Decision Maker'

4. If successful, WRc issue you with the 'Approved Contractor' certificate

Note: Interim certification is awarded to allow the Contractor time to either:
Update their ISO9001 QMS scope (3 months); or
- Achieve a certified ISO9001 QMS (18 months)

    WIS 4-02-01 References for WRc activities: Training for Lining / Utility Operatives: Parts 1 & 2 (Appendix B); ISO 9001 Audit (Appendix A); Lining Rig Assessment (Appendix C); Lining Trial (Appendix A).

      Maintaining & Updating Certification

      Approved Contractors:

      • Undergo a regular review of their certified materials, equipment and quality management system (QMS)
      • Notify WRc Certifying Body of changes to their business, the rig design, and the rig/resin combination

      WRc Certifying Body:

      • Advise if there are any changes to the WIS 4-02-01 and any action that may be required by the Approved Contractor

      Maintaining Impartiality

      Maintaining impartiality throughout all our certification activities is extremely important to us. 

      • As the nominator and scheme owner, Water UK has no direct influencing role in our certification activities or decisions. This is the same for water companies, whose decision making relates solely to the use of the contractor following successful certification.
      • Certification scheme participants only engage with the scheme via an agreed proposal and certification agreement for the provision of certification audit, assessment, and evaluation.
      • Rig and resin manufacturers have no direct involvement in the scheme. Rig assessments are undertaken through the contractor leasing the rig. WRc Certifying Body will not undertake any activities which may be seen to put its impartiality at risk. This includes having helped design, operate, maintain, or provide consultancy services to rig and resin manufacturers in the recent past.
      • We have a thorough, impartial procedure for dealing with any complaints or appeals that may arise. See our Complaints and Appeals page.

      View our Impartiality Policy, Confidentiality Policy, and Public Information Policy.

      WRc Testing & Certification Schemes

      We are uniquely placed to provide a range of testing and certification schemes for the industries we work with. These include:

      • WRc Approved Scheme
      • MCERTS testing
      • Certified In Situ Resin Lining of Water Mains
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